BUTD is a new side-game to BTD. It will be released on 1st January, 2015! PLEASE DO NOT EDIT ANY OF THE PAGES/THIS IF YOU DID NOT MAKE THIS

Tracks Edit

Bloontanium Cavern Hologram Core Beta Simulator Along the Rainbow (SPECIAL) All of the BTD5 tracks

Bloons Edit

All bloons from before Glass Bloon Void Bloon D.D.M.B (Destructive Doom Monkey Bane) M.B (Monkey Blaster)

Bosses Edit

Dr. Bloon: Floating Vehicle (Easy) Ice Skater (Medium) Lava Hound (Hard) Mechanical Destroyer (Impoppable) Godly Bloons: Magma Bloon Aqua Bloon Overgrow Bloon Death Bloon Angelic Bloon

Towers Edit

Doom Bloom Solar Monkey Chess Monkey Bloontanium Miner C.O.B.R.A Pirate Monkey Monkey Archer