The C.O.B.R.A is a DLC monkey for Bloons Ultra Tower Defence which can be brought for £1.99!


C.O.B.R.A Same as BTD Battles for Mobile but with different upgrades.

Path 1 Double Tap Costs $400 Shoots out at double speed

Mortar Support Costs $450 Can shoot out 2 0-0 Mortar bombs at once!

Werewolf Transformation Costs $1000 Can use claws on close-up bloons or shoot out fangs which pop 2 layers and pierce infinitely. (Claws do the same pops and piercing as fangs) It looks like the C.O.B.R.A but with a grey werewolf head!

Potions Master Costs $1500 Can throw out potions which buff monkeys and debuff bloons! Buffs: 5+ speed for 10 seconds, 10+ speed for 5 seconds, Pierce infinitely for 10 seconds or pop 5 layers for 5 seconds! Debuffs: Lose a layer every seconds, Slow down by 5- speed, Make anything pop a extra layer on it! The werewolf has a potion in its hand


Summoner Call Costs $450 Can summon hologram dart monkeys which eventually run out of power and disappear It has a earplug in one of its ears

Pop Power Costs $500 Can pop 3 layers and pierce infinitely

Musket Shooter Costs $900 Now shoots musket rounds, and every shot it does it shoots out 5 bullets not 1 Looks like it has a musket in its hand

King of the Snipers Costs $2000 Summons 10 Musket Shooters for 20 seconds: Cooldown time: 1 minute